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“Our preservative pad can prolong the fresh-keeping period of blueberries by about 30%”

Blueberries are a perishable fruit, which are easily to damage during processing, and are also prone to mildew and dehydration in storage and logistics. This also brings great difficulties to the transportation, storage and sales of blueberries. The preservation of blueberries has also become a topic of special concern to the industry. Source: Fresh Plaza […]

22 March, 2023 by Doris Mora

South African growers hope to survive slow blueberry market

Three years ago, few would have foreseen that blueberry prices would plunge by more than 50%, forcing many investors to the brink of collapse. Source: Berry farmer Luan Swart of Mpumalanga explained his strategies for weathering the storm to Lindi Botha. Blueberry production has skyrocketed in South Africa in recent years, thanks to new […]

22 March, 2023 by Doris Mora

Peru will export an estimated 280,000 tons of fresh blueberries this campaign

According to Fernando Cilloniz, the president of the consultancy Inform@ccion, up until January of this year, Peru had exported 269,920,357 kilos of blueberries for 1,220,568,261 dollars in this campaign. By the end of March, he predicted, fresh blueberry shipments could amount to nearly 280,000 tons and more than 1.4 billion dollars, i.e. 28% more volume […]

21 March, 2023 by Doris Mora

Morocco has overtaken the US in blueberry exports to become the world’s fourth largest exporter

In 2022, Morocco became fourth among the largest exporters of fresh blueberries in the world, leaving behind even the United States, where, in fact, blueberries were first cultivated, EastFruit reports. Source: In total, exporters from Morocco exported 53 000 tonnes of fresh blueberries last year, and only three countries managed to exceed this volume. […]

16 March, 2023 by Doris Mora

Peru could ship almost 300,000 tons of fresh blueberries in the 2022/23 campaign

According to the president of the consulting firm Inform@cción, Fernando Cilloniz Benavides, in the 2022/23 campaign, Peruvian fresh blueberry exports could grow by 36.3% in volume and 17% in value over the previous campaign, totaling nearly 300,000 tons and 1,500,000,000 dollars. Source: Fresh Plaza So far in the current campaign (May-October), the country has shipped […]

9 November, 2022 by Doris Mora

Growers from seven countries on blueberry field trip to South Africa

Growers from seven countries visited blueberry testing sites of Plant Genetics in South Africa during October 2022. Top Fruit, who are licence holders in South Africa for the University of Georgia blueberry program, has seven commercial varieties and several test sites in different locations throughout southern Africa. Source: Fresh Plaza They viewed new generation blueberry […]

9 November, 2022 by Doris Mora

The challenges and solutions in selling high quality IQF berries

Maintaining the natural appearance and shape of berries during the freezing process is of great concern to processors, as berries are very delicate. The reason for the difficulty of handling these berries can be found in the high water and sugar content of these soft fruits, OctoFrost marketing Coordinator María Viéitez says: “This can lead […]

9 November, 2022 by Doris Mora

Berries Australia announces changes of the guard

Berries Australia and the Australian Blueberry Growers Association (ABGA) both elected new leaders at their October AGMs. Anthony Poiner of SmartBerries has taken over as the Chair of Berries Australia from berry stalwart Peter McPherson and Andrew Bell from Mountain Blue has taken over from Jonathan Shaw of Mt Nimmel blueberry farm as the ABGA […]

8 November, 2022 by Doris Mora

Argentina sports “Better with blueberries” campaign for sixth consecutive year

For the sixth consecutive year, the Argentine Blueberry Committee is focusing on the ‘Better with Blueberries’  campaign, an initiative that has a very clear objective: to promote healthy eating by choosing blueberries. Source: Fresh Plaza In recent years, the world context for blueberry production has changed and new producing countries have been incorporated, complicating Argentina’s […]

3 November, 2022 by Doris Mora

South African blueberry industry makes up for lost time

The South African blueberry industry is making up for precious time lost during the recent port labour strike action. This weekend 3,500 tonnes of blueberries left Cape Town for the United Kingdom and Europe. Source: Fresh Plaza “While this is a significant volume in the South African context, it is a volume that can comfortably […]

1 November, 2022 by Doris Mora