Technical Information

The Chilean Blueberry Committee works to provide technical support to its members and growers in Chile, helping to improve the quality, consistency and sustainability of the berries grown in Chile and exported to countries across the globe. If you are interested in these materials, please visit the Spanish website.

Technical Information

Workshops and Seminars

The Chilean Blueberry Committee develops seminars, workshops and technical materials with the purpose of disseminating the best technical information available for better growing, packing, storage and shipping of blueberries. Some documents are prepared exclusively for Committee members, while others are open to those registered as  Blueberry Industry Group members, who can register on our website to get information and invitations to technical workshops, receive our Crop Report, and get connected with our industry.


Food Safety

Improving food safety standards within our industry is a must, both for the wellbeing of our consumers and the future of our industry.

Studies & Papers

We have selected the best information, studies and papers available for the blueberry industry.

Technical Materials

The Committee has developed a series of downloadable technical materials for our members and growers. This includes posters, manuals and brochures.