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‘Blueberry in trouble in Argentina’

The blueberry situation in Argentina, with its main production in the Concordia region, is witnessing a real crisis. This crisis is the result of a lack of policies that boost the growth of the sector for international competition. Source: Fresh Plaza This subject was addressed in depth by Matías Longoni, with a note in Bichos […]

18 March, 2021 by Doris Mora

Colombian blueberry exports increased by 387% in 2020

Blueberry was one of the most outstanding products of Colombian agriculture in 2020, registering a growth of 387% over the previous year with international sales of 1,228,958 dollars, according to data from ProColombia. Source: Fresh Plaza “The United States continued to be the largest international buyer during 2020 with $ 854,873 between January and October. […]

15 March, 2021 by Doris Mora

Florida blueberry volumes enter a strong market

The Florida blueberry season is slowly starting up. Adam Roe of Noble Citrus shares: “We are starting to get a bit of fruit this week and then next week we should really be kicking off with our volumes. From then on, we should have strong volumes through the end of April.” Source: Fresh Plaza Strong […]

15 March, 2021 by Doris Mora

Chinese blueberry plantation in Yunnan is still expanding, and the price is better than last year

The plantation volume of Chinese blueberries is quite small. Every production area and every blueberry variety has its unique characteristics. Yunnan is warm throughout the year and is therefore one of the most suitable places for blueberry plantation in the world. The UV-light in Yunnan is particularly intense, which results in thick-skinned blueberries. The fruit […]

9 March, 2021 by Doris Mora

Blueberry cultivation will continue to gain ground in Peru in the coming years

Peru’s blueberry industry continues to grow. The country currently has 14,000 hectares devoted to blueberry production. According to Federico Beltran Molina, the general manager of Terra Business, this area could increase by more than 40% and reach 20,000 hectares in the next 3 years. Source: Fresh Plaza Currently there are productions from Moquegua to Piura, […]

3 March, 2021 by Doris Mora

UGA researchers investigate blue light to increase blueberry quality and fight disease

The COVID-19 crisis has put supply chain issues at the forefront of food production and packaging concerns. Researchers at the University of Georgia investigated a potential solution for extending the shelf life of blueberries by exposing blueberries to blue light during storage. Source: Fresh Plaza Led by horticulture doctoral candidate Yi-Wen Wang, the study, recently […]

3 March, 2021 by Doris Mora

Chinese blueberry industry rapidly developed in 2020

Jilin Agricultural University published the ‘2020 Chinese Blueberry Industry Report’ on the 5th of February. The report is based on data from Chinese blueberry production areas and provides comprehensive analysis of the overall surface area devoted to Chinese blueberry plantation, cultivation technology, production volume, and prices. The report also highlighted new development trends in the […]

2 March, 2021 by Doris Mora

Russian blueberry imports continue to increase at record rates

Russian consumers continue to be actively interested in new niche products despite declining income levels. The latest berry trend in Russia in recent years has become the blueberry, which is confirmed by both the development of domestic production and the active growth of imports. Source: Fresh Plaza In 2020, Russia imported 7,600 tons of blueberries, […]

1 March, 2021 by Doris Mora

“What varieties of blueberries should we plant in Europe?”

“This is an issue that many growers are currently facing. It concerns new adepts who are establishing blueberry plantations and experienced ones who start restructuring their farms. Is it possible to answer the question unequivocally? Probably not, but it is worth knowing the opinion of people who are experts in the blueberry industry.” Source: Fresh […]

26 February, 2021 by Doris Mora

Chilean organic blueberry exports increase by 25%

According to the Chile-ASOEX Blueberry Committee’s Crop Report 2021, corresponding to week 7, the harvests in the south-central zone are coming to an end, and the last orchards being harvested are of late varieties with very limited volumes. The southern zone also shows decreasing volumes and, as is normal for the season, harvest work was […]

24 February, 2021 by Doris Mora