The Committee

The Chilean Blueberry Committee (CBC) is an organization linked to the Chilean Fresh Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX). It is comprised of the main blueberry exporters in Chile, who represent over 77% of Chile’s fresh blueberry exports.

The Committee

Our Mission

Our mission is to defend, develop and continually improve the Chilean blueberry industry, strengthening our competitiveness and sustainability. We also work to develop the consumption of Chilean blueberries in our international markets.


Our organization is led by the Board of Directors, who are elected every two years and are representatives of CBC member companies. Current directors include:

  • Alejandro Mitarakis, Priago
  • Eduardo Tagle, Giddings Fruit
  • Felipe Silva, Zurgroup
  • Juan Pablo Vogt, Agroberries
  • Juan Ramsay, Hortifrut
  • Rodrigo Aspillaga, Prize
  • Ruy Barbosa, Northbay Produce
  • Raimundo Ortuzar, CarSol Fuit