Chilean organic blueberry exports increase by 25%

According to the Chile-ASOEX Blueberry Committee’s Crop Report 2021, corresponding to week 7, the harvests in the south-central zone are coming to an end, and the last orchards being harvested are of late varieties with very limited volumes. The southern zone also shows decreasing volumes and, as is normal for the season, harvest work was interrupted by rains in the middle of the week, the report states.

Source: Fresh Plaza

In week 6, the country exported 3,902 tons, registering an accumulated total of 108,669 tons, a figure that reflects a 97% advance compared to the estimate and that is 4.7% higher than in the previous season.

The main destination markets for the Chilean blueberries have been North America, with 52% of all shipments, Europe, with 36%, and the Far East with 11%. The Committee highlighted that exports to traditional markets have increased when compared to the same date of the 2019-2020 season. “Shipments to North America and Europe have increased by 8% and 14%, respectively. Meanwhile, shipments to the Far East have decreased by 27%.”

Organic Blueberries
Much of the increase in North America is due to organic blueberries, which up to week 6 experienced a 28% growth in this market, stated the Chilean Blueberry Committee. North America receives 78% of all of Chile’s organic blueberry shipments, which already total 18,620 tons (25% more than in 2019/20). This was favored by the coming into force of the System approach for the regions of Ñuble and Biobio this season.

Shipments of organic blueberries to Europe have also increased this season by 17%.