Asda’s blueberries go green with new recyclable blueberry punnet

Asda has launched a 100% recyclable blueberry punnet, which thanks to new packaging, means customers can now recycle the punnets and film as a whole, without removing the lid.


The new and sustainable punnets have been designed so customers can’t remove the film lid, which means the whole tray can be recycled together, a move will now mean 5.5 million lids per year will be recycled along with the tray.

The supermarket retailer has also announced that this new design will be trialed across several other fresh produce lines, including grapes and tomatoes, to help make recycling easier for customers and save around 110 million lids per year.

In July, the Asda 1000 survey* found that 94% of customers said that they felt personally responsible for recycling, indicating that sustainability is still top of customers minds.

Fiona Dobson, Asda’s Own-Brand Packaging Development Manager said: “We are continuing to work hard to look at innovative solutions to help our customers on the journey to use less and recycle more, we know it’s something they and our colleagues are really passionate about.

This latest move to help make recycling easier for our customers is another important step on our journey as a retailer to make all our own brand packaging, whatever material, 100% recyclable by 2025”.

Customers can now purchase the 100% recyclable blueberry punnets in store and online and the trial on the other fresh produce lines will begin later in the year.