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The case of the pirated blueberries: courts flex new muscle to protect plant breeders’ intellectual property

by Comité de Arándanos


A few weeks ago, the Federal Court of Australia ordered a farmer in New South Wales to pay A$290,000 to a blueberry-producing company because he had grown and sold a proprietary variety of the fruit without permission. At issue in the blueberry case were questions of intellectual property. Who owns the plant varieties that are commercialised in…

Endless Summer ⁠— Counter-seasonal fruits from Chile thrive in winter

by Comité de Arándanos


The Chilean Fresh Fruit Association launched its “summer fruit in winter” campaign in North America about two decades ago, and the program still is going strong. The strategy is evolving, however, as the association switches from TV to digital campaigns, competition from other growing areas increases, and growers strive to enhance fruit quality and expand…

U.S.: ‘Grab a Bunch of Bluetiful’ during National Blueberry Month

by Comité de Arándanos


In 2003, after decades of effort by the North American Blueberry Council, the U.S. Department of Agriculture proclaimed July National Blueberry Month and Canada made a Royal Proclamation for Blueberry Month in August. So now is the prime time to celebrate consumers’ most-preferred berry. “We work to drive demand for blueberries all year round, but National Blueberry Month…

Berry Blue World S.L.: Asturian blueberry producers join forces in a new association

by Comité de Arándanos


Berry Blue World S.L. is a new association that brings together eleven producers of Asturian blueberries from the municipalities of Tineo, Grado, Oviedo, Villaviciosa, Nava and Salas, and through which they’ll be able to market their blueberries without intermediaries. The idea of joining forces came in September 2018, after the “bad campaign” of the previous…

Germany: Gerold Wilms, bekuplast GmbH: “With the right container the shelf life of blueberries can be significantly extended”

by Comité de Arándanos


Every July, the blueberry season starts. Local blueberries will finally be available again in the trade. In order to preserve the high quality of the fruits after the harvest and so that the berries arrive fresh at the consumer’s, it is crucial to store the fruits gently and under optimal climatic conditions. The perforation of…

EEUU: T&G Global brings US grown blueberries to Vietnam for the first time

by Comité de Arándanos


The first pallet of Californian blueberries (192 trays), grown under T&G’s Orchard Rd brand, is on its way from LAX to Ho Chi Minh city this week. The company expects multiple pallets of Orchard Rd blueberries will be exported to Vietnam every week during the season that lasts until September, following the Vietnamese trade barrier…

Spain: Francisco Sánchez, manager of Onubafruit: “The future of blueberries in Huelva is a cause for concern”

by Comité de Arándanos


Huelva’s strawberry campaign has already finished for the second degree cooperative Onubafruit, which has sold around 36 million kilos. In the coming weeks, it will continue with raspberries, blackberries and blueberries until the end of June. “The strawberry season started with a little delay, and the production peaked between March and April. The quality was…