Uruguay will be able to export blueberries to China

by Comité de Arándanos


Uruguay will be able to send blueberries to the Chinese market after the agreements signed by the Minister of Livestock, Enzo Benech, and the government authorities of the Asian country.

The Uruguayan authority spoke about the agreement. “We have signed two protocols to enable the entry of live cattle for fattening or for slaughter and for Uruguayan blueberries,” stated Enzo Benech from Beijing, where he is on an official mission.

Even though the Customs Directorate is a new division in China, which is assuming the country’s sanitary responsibilities, it achieved the resolution for the authorization in 20 days. “China will become a destination for our blueberries and live cattle. The agreement is already signed, now we just have to make it happen,” Benech added.

Source: Fresh Plaza

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