Shanghai fruit sweeter and earlier on the market than in previous years

by Comité de Arándanos

ripe blueberry cluster on a blueberry bush

The weather was excellent this year for the production of fruit in Shanghai. The production volume is expected to increase in comparison with previous years to a total of 300 thousand tons.

More important, however, is the benefit of this kind of weather for “dried yellow plums”. The fruit in Shanghai is sweeter this year and arrived on the market earlier! “Dried yellow plums” are traditionally grown in a short period when rain is sparse.

People were pleased with the high temperatures and sparse rainfall this year as these conditions encourage fruit to ripen early and with a higher sugar content. The fruit was ripe 7-10 days earlier than in previous years and the sugar content of fruit currently on the market is much higher than in previous years.

Malu grapes entered the market in large volumes in late June; Nanhui honey peaches and Songjiang Crystal pears were on the market by early July. In the near future, Jinshan flat peaches and Fengxian yellow peaches will also be harvested.

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