China: Joy Wing Mau launches ads in Beijing metro

by Comité de Arándanos


Joy Wing Mau has launched a massive advertising campaign for Chilean blueberries in the Beijing metro. The eye-catching banners tell the potential customers that blueberries from Chile are a healthy and nutritious choice.  

Joy Wing Mau banners in Beijing metro

“Don’t just look, try a blueberry!”

The Spring Festival is approaching. It’s a very important moment for the Chilean blueberry. The Joy Wing Mau representative explained: “Joy Wing Mau “purple storm” has come to the Beijing metro because Beijing is one of the most important markets for us. The major supermarkets and e-commerce platforms offers Joy Wing Mau’s blueberries. We’ve decided to use the metro as an advertising platform, because it is the most convenient and popular transport. This way, we can reach a large number of consumers from different parts of the city. A lot of them spend their time on the internet. Why not order fresh blueberries, put your phone away and spend some time with your family?

Source: Fresh Plaza

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