China: First session of second Latin American Fruit Festival

by Comité de Arándanos


On 21 December 2018, the second Latin American Fruit Festival was held in the AEON Foshan Dali store!

The opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the second Latin American Fruit Festival attracted many important guests. Among them were a few guests who received a special invitation, such as Xiao Kuyou, head of the Food Department of the Chinese headquarters of AEON Commerce Co., Ltd., Zhang Meng, head of the AEON Fresh Food Department, He Minjie, manager of the AEON Foshan Dali store, Lu Shaoshun, CEO of Shenzhen Yuanxing Fruit Co., Ltd., and Chen Bin, Director of Internal Affairs at Shenzhen Yuanxing Fruit Co., Ltd.

The guests are holding Chilean blueberries from the brand Yumsun

This opening ceremony not only had a demonstration of the rich Latin American products, and offered interactivity between customers. There was also a fresh and tasty fruit tea made for the customers, so that more consumers could get to know Latin American fruit.

Promotors and guests are enjoying a tasting

The star product of this event, the Chilean blueberry, has become one of the main Yuanxing brands. We have chosen a production region in the north of Chile for our blueberries, because it leaves the fruit with more anthocyanidin than regular blueberries. Furthermore, for the freshness of the blueberries, Yuanxing has opened 20 storage and distribution centers.

Blueberries from the brand Yumsun

Cherries are currently ripening. They are plump, shiny and sweet, so they have become popular with many mothers. Because these are mostly familiar with baby food, new food does not spread as easily among them. There are also well-proportioned, crunchy Peruvian red grapes, and bright, sweet Peruvian mangoes. These have mostly attracted the attention of young people.

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